Scope of Service:
Welding & Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Services of Petrochemical Establishments, Power Stations, Gas & Oil Pipelines, X-Ray & Gamma-Ray Radiography & Welding Testing, Importing of Related Materials, Onshore/ Offshore Gas & Oil Installation & Field Services. Non-Destructive Testing & Heat Treatment.

The main services offered by Akkila Company Limited are:

A. Electro-Mechanical Construction
AKKILA Company Limited promotes the adoption of a process approach to develop, implement, and improve the effectiveness of quality management system to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirement. The company has identified various linked activities using resources and managing the effective transformation of inputs into outputs.
Our main scope of service activities started 25 years ago as NDT, Coating and Quality Control Services. Later we developed our ability to carry out most of onshore construction activities as mentioned below:

1. Pipelines and Flowlines Construction.
2. In-Plant Fabrication and Installation Piping and Structures.
3. Mechanical Equipment Erection and Alignment.
4. Structural Fabrication and Erection.
5. Tanks, Tank Farm and Vessels.
6. Precommissioning Process.

B. Grit Blasting, Painting and Protective Coating