About Us

Akkila Company Limited was established in 1986 to provide Non Destructive Testing (NDT), grit blasting & painting and welding services through Sub-contracting construction companies. The firm started to expand parallel to the local market needs in Syria at that time. ATS & Protective Coating has achieved remarkable performance according to client’s proficiency letters in Tanks Erection, Tanks Cleaning and Heat Treatment in addition to original activities.

Akkila Company Limited moved its main office to Abu Dhabi to be closer to the Highest Standards and Better Quality. We obtained the ISO 9001:2000 / EN ISO 9001: 2000 from April 2002, upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 since February 2010 and keep auditing and monitoring the requirements of Management Quality System to achieve our standard quality and clients satisfaction.

Akkila Company Limited has a well-equipped workshop located at Mafraq, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our workshop has an Isotope Safety Room “PIT room,” Dark room, NDT laboratory and a store. We also coordinate with Middle East Industrial Training Center (which is owned by GMA Group) in cooperation with the Southern African Institute of Welding. The total area is 8000 square meters.

Akkila Company Limited developed its ability in UAE for carrying out all welding activities utilizing new equipment and highly experienced technical crew. The previous experiences include all kinds of welding activities (Pipelines, Flowlines, In-Plant Piping works,etc.) carried out by direct sub-contracting or professional manpower supply.

Akkila Company Limited now, has the knowledge, experience and ISO Quality System which, will be strictly followed to enhance the Client satisfaction.

Akkila Company Limited had it’s joint venture for tanks design & procurement with KZU Holding Group mainly based in Bulgaria. In order to fully achieve the industry’s construction requirements under International Standards and to continuously improve the technology & skills of our workforce towards global opportunities.